The Moskowitz Firm | Don’t Copy This Post
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Don’t Copy This Post

After years of talking about it, the US Copyright Office has launched a single form to register up to 50 blog or social media posts as a group (with a single fee), effective immediately. Posts must be by the same author or group of authors but can span multiple platforms. This option protects text only, and applies only to groups of posts published over a three-month period.

In addition to this new short online literary works category, Group Registration for written works is also allowed for:

– a group of issues from a single serial publication (magazine, online magazine) published over a three-month period

– a group of issues from a single newspaper/newsletter published over a three-month period (regardless of frequency)

– a group of contributions created by the same individual published in a single periodical over a one-year period

For questions or to protect your valuable posts, contact us.