The Moskowitz Firm | Case Studies
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Case studies in TMF trademark fee breakdowns:

SimpleCo has been selling packaged smoothies across the East Coast for the past year and wants to protect QWERTASDF (or similar, highly unique name).  With a quick search and in-use filing in one class, TMF fees would be $600:

  • TMF search – $200
  • TMF prep – $400 (upon filing)
  • Gov’t – $250 (upon filing)

ComplexCorp is developing a cloud-based software platform for shoe retailers with a related app and consulting services (i.e. three USPTO classes for: cloud based software platform, app, retail consulting services) which is plans to launch in phases over the next few years, and wants to protect PREMIERE SOLUTIONS (or a similar, highly common name).   With the expectation of extensive results and proof of use at staggered intervals, TMF fees could exceed $1,000:

  • TMF search – $500
  • TMF prep – $600 (upon filing) + $ 600 (upon launch)
  • Gov’t – $350 x 3 classes: = $1,050 (upon filing) + $100 x 3 classes: proof of use (after launch)

SimpleCo and ComplexCorp have different needs, which is why their fees vary.

What they have in common: a free consultation and a written flat fee proposal.

Contact us for more info, including fee structures for other matters.