The Moskowitz Firm | Pricing
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The TMF Approach to pricing

TMF has a simple process when it comes to fees for trademark services:

Chat for free to agree on flat fee.

We don’t post an exact fee schedule (and sometimes use an hourly fee for other types of IP projects), but as of 2021, most trademarks we file are still three-figure projects.

How it works:

More ExpensiveLess Expensive
$$$ Extensive searches
$$$ Complex goods and services
$$$ Long timetables
$ Highly unique marks
$ Short and simple descriptions
$ Already in use

The trademark process involves three fees:

1. Government (USPTO) Fees $250 (standard) to $350 (custom) per USPTO class, per application. 

2. TMF Searching/Risk Assessment Fees reflecting time incurred for research, advice, and preparation of forms to maximize the chance of registration and minimize potential disputes. Though exact knockout searches *included* for all clients, more comprehensive research and analysis at a mutually agreed parameters- starting at $200

3. TMF Prep/Filing Feesstarting at $400

Why not post an exact fee schedule? 

Every brand is different.

Every company is different.

To help understand fees better, take a look at TMF Case Studies.