Change on the Horizon

While TMF’s ten-year celebration didn’t exactly go as planned, we enter the final stretch of 2020 with a cautious sigh of relief and exciting plans for the next decade.

Close observers of TMF have known that we’ve always gone for a subtle nod to trademark law in our two-tone logo. 

Why the need to be subtle, you ask?

My state’s law had been quite buttoned down: a law firm’s name could not include much more than a last name, with no clever tradenames allowed.   While taking some solace in my logo’s dark-blue acronym of “The Moskowitz,” I have quietly grumbled about this prohibition—a particularly painful fate for a gal who spends most days helping clients launch creative brands.

And now? Opportunity for change appears to be upon us.

In 2020, I appreciate the small gifts. In this case, my state updated Rule 7.5 this summer which now opens the door to a change—so long as we steer clear of “false, misleading or nonverifiable” names.  

Suddenly, we’re furiously typing in domain names, referencing the thesaurus, and fretting about swag.  

I always understood why my clients sought decisive advice and fast turnaround, but I never appreciated it so deeply as I do now.

Best wishes for a return to normalcy, or an opportunity to make positive change.

And… stay tuned for naming news.