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Whether you’re a startup on a shoestring or a seasoned creator, you invest so much in finding the right name for your company and its products. Suzann has seen it all and thinks there’s a way to keep it simple with cost-effective professional advice, filing, and monitoring.

Though the “do-it-yourself” approach works for some, the risk of USPTO refusal (or third-party conflict) justifies a more cautious approach. The  “comprehensive” method often advocated by large firms, on the other hand, is sensibly conservative but can quickly burn through the budget of any small or midsize enterprise.  The keep program for selecting and protecting your trademark and brand assets will give you the peace of mind to launch with confidence.

Some of the industries we work with:

Food + Beverage

Health + Beauty

Software + Technology

Consumer Products... and more


Typically $1000* to Search, File, and Monitor (plus USPTO fees starting at $250 per class)

*This is a start-to-finish price for a single class, in-use application, where no substantive Office Action issues.  Please read all of the FAQs below or contact us with questions.

Your situation may vary for many reasons, but we will inform you and agree in advance before performing services.  In some cases, e.g., multiple applications or if there’s a change of plans (i.e., after the search, we determine it’s not a keeper), the price may actually be lower.

  • Discussion with Suzann, with advice to assist in selecting the best description to maximize the chance of approval
  • Single class, “in use” filing services
  • Basic Office Action responses (changes to wording, new specimens, or other clarifications)
  • Your electronic and official certificate (keepsake!)
  • One year of third party monitoring of other similar filed marks 
  • Advice on maintaining your rights in the future
  • $250 – $350 per class “in use” + $100 per class upon submission of proof for “intent to use”
  • USPTO fees are always separate, because we don’t know how many classes or what kind of application you need
  • $100 for additional classes – “in use” application
  • $100 per class – “intent to use” application ( + $100 USPTO fee per class upon submission of proof of use)
  • Substantive Office Actions (requiring detailed responses on issues such as similar marks or descriptiveness)
  • International or other custom or enhanced search options
  • $100 every time you need a 6-month extension (+ $125 USPTO fee per class)

A change of plans can decrease the fee-  because what seems like a great idea isn’t always a keeper

Sometimes we can tell right away if there’s a dealbreaker- and we’d always rather regroup than go down the wrong path.

If based on risk findings in a search, or your own determination that it’s not worth keeping, you decide NOT to pursue a filing, we will refund prepaid fees, minus a reasonable fee for search services rendered (approx. $300 – $400).

When we just have to clear up wording or submit a bit more information to satisfy an examiner’s request, such simple responses are handled as a courtesy. On the other hand, substantive Office Actions (requiring detailed responses on issues such as potentially confusing similar marks or descriptiveness) take more time.   Suzann will review any Office Action and summarize your options as a courtesy and will never take additional billable action without your green-light.

TMF uses TMTKO, a leader in algorithm-driven search, to review reports of new similar filings at the USPTO.  We will report on any marks we think may be a concern and provide you with options to address the potential conflict at an early stage.  (One year of reporting is included.) More details can be found at TM TKO’s website.

Absolutely! We developed keep after looking closely at the average price of our a la carte trademark services including search, filing, and monitoring, which typically total from $700 – $1300 plus USPTO fees. This package option helps brands (typically new launches) get off the ground quickly – with fewer decision points and more price predictability.  But for those with larger portfolios, or those working through longer lists of possible names, customized trademark services are likely your best best. Schedule a free consultation with Suzann to discuss your options.     

While TMF clients with larger portfolios, nontraditional marks, international sales, and those working on narrowing down longer lists of finalist names may prefer custom priced packages, keep streamlines the brand protection process for busy entrepreneurs preparing to launch.