New Gentlemen

Last week, the country’s transition of power brought more changes to the White House than the USPTO. Director Andrei Iancu confirmed this week that he would be stepping down, a typical move for political appointees of a former administration (though the office itself skews apolitical).

I think the most exciting IP related change to DC last week is the action of the nation’s first second gentleman, Douglas Emhoff, a lawyer with real trademark and copyright law chops. Emhoff recently stepped down from private practice after numerous heavy hitting achievements such as taking on Taco Bell in connection with a certain chihuahua brand and stopping the production of a wine with branding and trade dress confusingly similar to Francis Ford Coppola’s namesake bottles.  He will now focus access to justice, and I look forward to seeing how he uses this unique platform.

Like Emhoff, I’m pretty proud of the lawyer I live with. Our family has had some exciting changes over the last few months, and I could not run this show without him.